Descargar Tom Clancy s Splinter Cell en PDF de David Michaels

Descargar Tom Clancy s Splinter Cell en PDF de David Michaels año 2018

Ficha completa del libro


  • Nombre del libro: Tom Clancy s Splinter Cell
  • Autor del libroDavid Michaels
  • Fecha de publicación: 30/1/2018
  • Páginas del PDF: 400
  • IdiomaInglés
  • Incluye un resumen PDF de 33 páginas
  • ISBN: 9780425201688
  • Encuadernación: Tapa Blanda
  • Género o ColecciónNovela Negra
  • Valoración del libro: 4.45 de un máximo de 5
  • Votos: 43 
  • Descripción o resumen: Freedom has a cost. One man pays the price. In response to the growing use of sophisticated digital encryption to conceal potential threats to the United States, the National Security Agency has ushered forth the new dawn of intelligence-gathering techniques. The top-secret initiative is dubbed Third Echelon. Its existence denied by the U.S. government, Third Echelon deploys a lone field operative. He is sharp, nearly invisible, and deadly. And he has the right to spy, steal, destroy, and assassinate to protect American freedoms. His name is Sam Fisher. He is a Splinter Cell®. 1 It’s like being in a state of nonexistence. A vacuum. Darkness and light at the same time, and no sense of gravity. There’s no air, but I know I’m breathing. Certainly no sounds are present. I see and feel nothing. There are no dreams. That’s what sleep is like for me. I’m blessed, I suppose. I can will myself to sleep anywhere, anytime. I didn’t train to do it. It’s always been that way, ever since I was a kid. I simply tell myself, “It’s time to sleep now.” And I do it. I’m sure a lot of people in the world would envy this talent. I don’t take it for granted because in my business I have to catch sleep in the strangest places and at the oddest times. I feel the pulsating pressure on my wrist. It gently pulls me out of this dimensionless world, and I slowly regain the use of my senses. I feel the warm metal against my face. I hear far-off nondescript echoes. The OPSAT attached to my wrist continues to wake me. There’s a little T-shaped rod that protrudes from the flexible band when the silent “alarm” goes off. The rod rocks back and forth, nudging my pulse, telling my body that it’s time to rouse. When I first saw it demonstrated, it reminded me of a James Coburn spy movie from the sixties in which he played a secret agent who could stop his heart on command. This apparently put him in some kind of hibernation. He had a wristwatch with the same kind of T-shaped rod that poked him until he woke up. I remember laughing in the movie theater when I saw that. It was too ridiculous to take seriously. Now look at me. I tak
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Autor de la reseña


  • Subido por: Carola González Ruiz
  • Fecha: 20/6/2018
  • Valorado con una puntuación de 4.54 de un máximo de 5

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